Can u judge who is the better person out of these 3 ?

Mr A – He had a friendship with bad politicians, consults astrologers, two wives, chain smoker, drinks eight to 10 times a day.

Mr B – He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps till noon, used opium in college & drinks whisky every evening.

Mr C – He is a decorated war hero,a vegetarian, doesn’t smoke , doesn’t drink  and never cheated on his wife.

You would say Mr.C


Mr A was Franklin Roosevelt! ( 32nd President of the USA)

Mr B was Winston Churchill!! (Former British Prime Minister)


Strange but true.
It’s risky to judge anyone by his habits !
Character is a complex phenomenon.

So every person in ur life is important, don’t judge them, accept them.
Three beautiful thoughts

1. None can destroy iron, but its own rust can!
Likewise, none can destroy a person, but his own mindset can.

2. Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going because a straight line even in an E.C.G. means we are not alive.

3. The same Boiling Water that hardens the egg, Will Soften the Potato! It depends on upon Individual’s reaction To stressful circumstances!

Enjoy the journey called life, have a great time ahead in this new month and season. I pray that this last quarter of the year will see us past the finish line in flying colours. AMEN



Text: Numbers 13.

There’s nothing as defeating and demeaning than for a man to devalue himself even in the face of great danger. The world is a system and it is arranged in such a fashion to change a man or to rearrange him.

For the system knows that the greatest battlefield is the mind and the established weapons are usually embedded in what you see and what you hear. Once the weapons take a root on the battlefield  to win becomes much more difficult. Many as a result fall prey even before the battle begins.

Our text for this month tells the story of twelve spies sent out by Moses by the command of God to spy out the land of Canaan which is the promised land given to the children of Israel, a land flowing withy milk and honey. Two of the disciples, Joshua and Caleb came back with a good report and the remaining ten came back with “evil report”. Interestingly the twelve went through the same route, saw the same land, explored the same land and brought back samples of ‘goodies’ from the same land.
However, there were ‘giants’ in that land which made the people that followed Caleb to see themselves as ‘grasshoppers’ but Caleb himself saw victory in the battle that was about to begin. Vs 30-33.

Young David the king in waiting made facing ‘giants’ to be as simple as ABC and as easy as 123. You know why? He knew the God he served – “the LORD of host”. 1samuel 17:32-45.

Listen friend – “….but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits”. Daniel 11:32b. Also in Proverbs 30:30, “A lion which is the strongest among beasts, and turneth not from any”.

The question then is How do you see yourself? In the light of the world(system) or the way God sees you.

HAVE  A  GREAT  MONTH!!!!!!!!!!


Stories posted above were sent to me via WhatsApp platform.

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  1. Chrisyinks says:

    Thanks Jide! really uplifting


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