Reuben Abati, How Disingenuous Can You Be On Aisha Buhari And That BBC Interview.

Reuben, this is one of the few articles I suspect many would deem mischievous on your part and disingenuous . I couldn’t tell if you were goading the Buhari family along with the APC party or sympathising with Nigeria.

I suspect you must be rolling over in delight over Aisha’s statement and her husband’s subsequent ill-advised response. Honestly, Aisha was blunt and can not be understood by a wide majority of Nigerians including yourself Reuben because of the uncharacteristic nature of a lady speaking out and expressing an opinion. 

Reuben with former President Goodluck
Reuben with former President Goodluck

How many times in the existence of Nigeria have the people heard their first lady critical of her husband? Instead of this to be seen and heralded as a novel gesture, instead, she is being thrown under the bus. 

Oh, Ruben blames it on a lack of communication training. But Reuben, sadly (if you are to be reminded, and you really do need reminding at all times), your time spent as the spokesperson for arguably one of Nigeria’s worst President in terms of communicating plans and achievements is nothing to write home about. And how about Mrs Patience Goodluck, the most embarrassing First lady, i pray Nigeria would ever be saddled with. What role did you play in training her to be that eloquent “there-is-god-oh” communicator? Reuben, Reuben, Reuben!!!

So here you are, here we have you, trying to justify the existence of a cabal in government. Must there be a Cabal in government? If there is, haven’t you committed the same sin as Aisha, admitting the truth it in public?

Reuben, you would have expected Aisha to withdraw or spin her thoughts, but she clearly does not intend to, because she meant every single word. Remember, Yourself and other better ‘trained’ media officers were unsuccessful in spinning former President Goodluck Jonathan’s policies to Nigerians that was why you were part of history. An incumbent President losing an election (not that that was a bad thing in itself). 

Former President Goodluck with his wife Patience
Former President Goodluck with his wife Patience

It is typical, isn’t it. Now that you are  away from the corridors of power, you now know better. If only you knew how frustrating it was to see such a brilliant mind as yourself involved in so many obviously daft public decisions communicated to the public on behalf of the presidency at the time. If only you can see how you were viewed by many. And please, don’t blame it on the Voodoo of Aso Rock which you brilliantly revealed to the world in your aptly titled article: “The Spiritual Side Of Aso Rock’ – Rituals, Blood and Death.” That will not wash with a lot of us.

 Just because Aisha spoke her mind, Reuben has termed her an ‘ambitious woman’. How disappointing. How I wish Feminists and critics of misogyny organise a  protest over that patronising statement of his. Reuben, when has it become ambitious to speak your mind?

Read Reuben: “Elsewhere, First Ladies also support their husbands. With all the reported cases of dalliance and cuckoldry during the Bill Clinton Presidency, Hillary Clinton stood by her husband.” How silly of you to suggest Aisha should buckle under pressure even if  what she sees as disturbing and obvious to her naked eyes remain not-so-obvious to the President. If only more typical Nigerian men recognise and respect the intuition of women, rather that rubbish it and spin it with all kinds of unreadable and meaningless words.

My advice to you Reuben, let it be, please. Buhari at the moment may appear to be CLUELESS, the same can not be said of Aisha. She is an insider. She sees the errors of her husband. She sees the follies of this government. No one in the presidency because of lack of ‘balls’ could speak up. Aisha has. Nigerians should not be persuaded otherwise.

 And as for Jonathan’s administration and your involvement….only History would judge you all.

Jide Salu

You can read ‘Reuben Abati, Aisha Buhari And That BBC Interview.’

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