FG Approves 8 New Private Universities. This is Simply Crazy!

What is the idea of having more private universities in Nigeria? What for? The problem that persisits in Nigeria is the appointment of political administrators based on ethnicity which in return influences policies. For a fact, I know the quality of education in Nigeria has reached such an unbelievable low standard that is exhibited when you interact with graduates from Federal, State as well as Private universities in Nigeria. Private corporations find it challenging to employ these graduates, hence, most find themselves as politicians. From research and based on the most current list of Nigerian universities (List of universities in nigeria accredited as of late 2015), there are 99 universities in total, comprising of 34 Federal Universities, 31 state universities and 34 private universities) and even this is contested by other sources posted on the internet. Arguably, one can state that there are over 100 universities in Nigeria. Whilst it can be argued that these universities could not accommodate the number of applications, the question that should be asked is the quality of applicants. Are these students and universities of standard? Are these applicants  prepared enough for the rigours of university? Will these applicants be ready in 4 years, at the minimum? And what becomes of students in a 3-year-course graduating aftert 5-6 years? Private Universites, how many out of the hundreds of thousands of applicants would be able to afford tuition for a private university? HOW MANY?  The whole situation is a mess. With these problems outlined, shouldn’t the Federal ministry of education look to streamline te number inorder to increase the standard, rather than increase the mumber of universities to dillute the standard? Hasn’t Anthony Anwuka, the minister of state for education heard of ‘less is more”? It is CRAZY! – Jide Salu

University of Ibadan
University of Ibadan

In the effort to ensure effectiveness in Nigerian education, the federal government has approved the establishment of eight new private universities around the country.

The minister of state for education, Anthony Anwuka, disclosed this while addressing state house correspondents at the end of Wednesday’s federal executive council (FEC).

According to him, the ministry of education had sought for approval after the NUC made recommendation.

The universities are as follows:

Anchor University, Ayobo, Lagos 

Arthur Jarvis Akpabuyo University, Calabar, Cross River

Clifford University, Owerinta, Abia

Coal City University, Enugu

Crown Hill University, Kwara 

Dominican University, Ibadan, Oyo 

Kola Daisy University, Ibadan

Legacy University, Okija, Anambra State.

Info Trust

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