Should Nigerians Be Grateful As Ex-Customs boss, Dikko returns N1.04bn cash?

Where has it gone wrong with Nigerians? Why is the moral compass of the nation so warped? How on earth can an individual, a supposed leader STEAL over a billion in currency? Who is guilty – the thief or those that compromised because of their selfish interests? The question I then ask is this – Should Nigerians be grateful for this refund? The money has been returned and I can bet my last cent, penny, and kobo (if it still exists) that this is the last we would hear or read about this case. – Jide Salu

Abdullahi Dikko
Abdullahi Dikko

A former Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Alhaji Abdullahi Dikko, has returned N1,040,000, 000 to the Federal Government.

Dikko, who served as the head of customs between August 2009 and August 2015, was earlier arrested for allegedly diverting about N40bn.

The funds were allegedly drawn from proceeds of the seven per cent cost of collection and one per cent comprehensive import supervision scheme.

A source told The Punch that, “So far, Dikko has returned over N1bn. He returned N1bn and then N4m. He is still expected to return more money.”

“The EFCC Act Section 71 (b) gives us the power to commence investigations into the property of any person if it appears to the EFCC that the person’s lifestyle and extent of properties are not justified by law.

“Dikko was a customs officer and served for about 30 years. He has to explain where he got the money to buy a mansion of N2bn”, he added.

The EFCC had, earlier in the year, seized a mansion belonging to Dikko located at 1 Audu Ogbeh Street, Jabi, Abuja.

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