PHOTO: How Buhari and APC RELEGATED VP Yemi Osinbajo at Ogun State Rally.

Gov Ayo Fayose’s media aide Mr Lere Olayinka shared this pic of a supposed VP Osinbajo in an attempt to ignite war BTW Buhari and Jagaban followers, Lere condemns APC for degrading the personality of VP to this embarrassing sitting arrangement,he also went further to justify the alleged humiliation been meted out to Osinbajo adding that it’s because He Osibanjo is a Tinubu man,

Is he right? Should a sitting Vice President be relegated to the back seat whilst the Senate President and other dignitaries share the front seat with the President?

The photograph below which exposes the ‘divide’ in the APC camp should embarrass the President and his party. Professor Yemi Osibajo may not be a career or professional politician, otherwise known as a hustler, hence the reason why APC was able to get away with this silly seating arrangement.


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