Has Nigeria’s International Image Improved? Map shows what Nigeria is best at? Shocking?

Britain is best for billionaires, South Africa for death and Mongolia for velociraptors (fossils, thankfully).

That’s according to a map of the world created by Information is Beautiful, which aims to show what each nation tops the global charts for.


Coding each category into things like ‘ecology’, ‘ economy’ and ‘nasty’, the map is captioned : ‘Because each country is the best at something’.

The data comes from a sources including the World Bank and Guinness World Records and shows that truly, everyone is good at something – although it’s definitely a dubious honour for that thing to be cocaine (Peru), jailed journalists (China) or spam emails (USA).

Among the more positive accolades, Austria comes top for paid time off, Lithuania for fastest wi-fi and Cuba for doctors.

The map was put together by David McCandless at InformationisBeautiful.net.



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