Life Huh! – Please Help Save My Friend’s Kidneys.

Tolu with his Doctor and Nurse in China

Life huh!

I am glad, I am here for a good reason. To spearhead my good friend’s medical appeal on GoFundMe.


I observe from afar trying to make sense of what life is really all about. I got to know yesterday of the demise of an old University of Ife mate. He died of Cancer, I was informed. May his soul rest in peace. There are others I got to know of via text messages of WhatsApp of their sudden demise. It is unbelievable what you don’t get to know of once you take a holiday from social media. That aside, these deaths tell a story. Deaths always do.


So much hustle, yet for what?

In my quiet time, I think of what my purpose on earth is all about. I have often asked myself the questions –

‘Why have I been created?

Have I made a difference in the life of someone?

Am I making a difference in the life of anyone?

Have I been created to wake up, go to work, come back home, sleep, then wake up, go to work, and then come back, etc?


What would my legacy be?
What would people say of me?
What would my name mean to anyone?


You see, Tolu Ojutiku’s recent medical situation that has prompted this piece. It has made me view life even deeper than before. How glad am that I am not writing an Obituary for my dear friend. Instead, I have this glimmer of hope to help him live longer, however long God Almighty has written it to be.

When you attend funerals of loved ones, you leave the funeral parlour or graveyard sober. Regardless of how sober the attendees who paid their last respect to the departed must have felt, give a thought to the immediate family members. The pain and regrets they must have felt. That is the real pain. Regrets. It is for this reason, I made a choice to do all I can to help Tolu. I don’t want to have any regrets.


I felt I had a deep responsibility to do everything possible to raise awareness for the plight of Tolu Ojutiku. Yes, Tolu is a friend. A dear friend. But guess what, I want to believe that a dear friend would do the little I am doing. 

If you know Tolu as I do, he is ebullient, yet a private person. How can that be, you would ask, but that is Tolu for you.

Very private. He kept his trip to China away from me, even though we spoke days before he travelled. I knew he had issues with his blood pressure, but so do many these days. 

Having High blood pressure shouldn’t be the norm, it is a slow death, yet, it has come to be an acceptable norm.

It is at times like these that you would better understand the true meaning of life. Bridges must not be destroyed. Malice must not linger. Daily devotion with God becomes a ‘must’ act.

Surely, we will all go one day. It is an inevitable act that can’t be prevented. However, it can be delayed, with prayers and activities that ought to be done. This is one of such activities. 

I know that prayers can’t be enough, but remember we have £60,000 target to hit.

No kobo, cent or penny is small. I hereby make this appeal to you dear reader, click to go to the GoFundMe appeal page that I have set up, and donate your widow’s mite.

Is anyone of us today, guaranteed a tomorrow?

It is fickle.

May we have devoted friends who will stand alongside us in our hour of need.

God bless you as you do so.

Kindly Click to Help Tolu Ojutiku Save His Kidneys.

Tolu Ojutiku under going his medical treatment

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  1. debablo says:

    Thought provoking …Thanks Jide.Our prayers are with Tolu and support with your effort to help your dear friend. God bless


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