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Originally, I started this blog to post the good, bad and ugly of living in Nigeria. Friends and family members have bitterly complained I have deviated and moved on to other aspects of blogging, living avid readers to ponder and wonder on what has become of Jide Salu Diary….

I am back to voice my frustrations; the pains of being a British Nigeria.

The FRUSTRATIONS of a Nigerian are too numerous to be listed. Never the less, I will attempt to share with you my frustrations.

Let me start by asking; Don’t you just get angry listening to Nigerians talking on a mobile phone through the speaker or hands free? What on earth is all that about?

Why must I know you plan to travel to Dubai tomorrow? Its absolutely none of my business to figure out how you will meet your business deadlines. Could you tell me why I need to know that your house girl is sleeping with your neighbour’s house boy? Why should my privacy be invaded with why was supposedly to be a private conversation in a bus, tube, plane or wherever.

You see what I mean by being a Frustrated Nigerian!

What are you really frustrated about as a Nigerian?

For non-Nigerians, what are your frustrations with the average Nigerian you have come across?….and please don’t tell me shouting whilst having a private conversation. Until Nigeria has a regular supply of electricity, and we need less use of the noisy generators. Sorry, nothing Nigerians can do about that, they will make you understand.

Be sure to come back to read more of my frustrations……


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